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Thanks for dropping by.  I’m sure you want to know a bit about us — who we are, what we do.

What is SocioForge?
SocioForge is firm that provides technology-based tools and services, aimed at Digital Marketers and the agencies who serve them.


Why is SocioForge different than all the other digital agencies, webshops and outsourced developers?
We aren’t aiming to be a full-spectrum digital agency — there are plenty of those out there*, and we’re happy to have them as clients, because they need us.  We aren’t competing with the webshops or outsourced developers.  In fact, we use them from time to time, as input to our products and services; we view them as one of many ingredients that our clients require, to fulfill their needs.  But that isn’t what we’re here to do.


So, what’s the secret sauce?
We’ve noticed that almost all of the many digital agencies, webshops and outsourced developer firms have hourly billing models.  They typically bill clients for time spent working on the job, not based on value provided or business problems solved.  In fact, their accounting systems don’t really allow them to build something that can be cost-shared across multiple clients — they have no way to bill it out.  This creates a bias toward doing things “from scratch” every time, and a disincentive to building great things that are repeatable, and making them better over time.  Wouldn’t you rather buy something that’s been improved with each client’s input before you, and share that cost with them?  Wouldn’t it make sense that lessons learned would be passed on to the benefit of all future clients, and that the starting point for your projects keeps getting better over time?  And if you’re that agency guy, wouldn’t you rather rent our excellent platform, than try to build it all yourself?

We think so.  So, we choose to be different because we sell our work primarily as Products (with a capital ‘P’), and that definition comes with a lot of meaning behind it.  Our Products are managed over a full lifecycle, not just until we complete them and turn them over to you.  They’re built, packaged, sold, delivered and supported as a whole, with all of the formality and commitment that goes into any other experience of a product you’d want and value.   Think about that, in the context of the last website you had built, or the mobile app you want to upgrade.


So, what can we do for you?
Well, you probably want to know about our most popular products:  the Crisis Darksite℠, the Mobile Crisis Controller℠ and the Mobile Message Manager℠.  These are products that are widely in demand among agencies and corporate marketers, and we do them better than anyone else.  We also help clients with the assessment, validation and selection of their integrated marketing platforms.  Over the next few months, we’ll be adding several other great products to our portfolio, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter.


Still have questions?
Great!  Call us at 774-745-5525.  We look forward to talking with you!


Ron Surfield
February 2015

*if you want a referral to one that we think highly of, call us at 774-745-5525

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